Vagabond Mini Lithium

Vagabond Mini Lithium

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120W current-controlled 120VAC portable power source

Operates flashes from its internal lithium (LiNiMnCoO2) battery

Provides power for up to four Paul C. Buff™ flashes

(2) a.c. outlets (a power strip or adapter may be used to plug in more units)

120 V a.c. for use with all standard Paul C. Buff, Inc. flash units

.5 Amp USB for charging compatible cell phones and tablets (NOT for use with current iPhone and iPad models)

3-hour rapid charger (supplied) quickly recharges battery

Compact and lightweight design (3.5 lbs. total weight)

Can be connected to a light stand with built-in stand clamp

NOT intended to power modeling lamps with the exception of the DigiBee

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