after booking

Once your little one arrives, please contact me so we can set a definite date for your session. I prefer to do newborn sessions when baby is  7-12 days old. If you should deliver earlier no worries, I will fit you into my schedule.

What should I bring to my newborn session:

I have spent years collecting cute little props and delicate hats and headbands for newborn photo shoot so no need to bring a thing. However if you have something special than by all means bring it.  I will figure a way to work it into your session.

What to bring from home:

A newborn session can take up to 3-4  hours so a “newborn session kit” is a great idea. Here are some items to include:

  • Snacks & drinks for Mom, Dad or Siblings

  • Extra milk or formula

  • Diapers & wipes

  • Pacifier

How should I dress my baby:

It is best to dress your newborn in a loose fitting diaper to avoid those red marks on a baby’s bum.  I also suggest wrapping your baby in a receiving blanket rather than clothes or a button/zip up onesie before you buckle them into the car seat to head off to the session.  This makes it so much easier to start right away when you arrive as the car usually lulls babies to sleep and I will not have to disturb them by taking off clothes. If you place the blanket in the car seat first and then put the baby in and wrap them and then buckle them in it works out great. If it’s cold you can cover baby with blankets over the car seat straps.

How should the parents and siblings dress: 

  • Clothes for mom – something along the lines of a tank top, tube, camisole. Black or in a white/or off white color. Pants or skirt to match. Jeans are fine too. Avoid prints. If your not sure what will work better bring all of it. I also have some beautiful fabric to wrap around you for a more organic look. Let me know if that is something you would like to try.

  • For Dads – a white or black plain t-shirt or bare skin to skin with baby looks really beautiful. Please feel free to let me know what you prefer and are comfortable with.

  • For siblings – Bring a white/off white or black t-shirt as well for their individual photos with baby.


When I arrive to my newborn session:

After introductions please make your self comfortable and feed your baby if you have not already done so before you left home.  If you have other children you would like photographed with your baby we will start with those images first. This way you do not have to plan on keeping your other children at the studio for the duration of the photo shoot. As much as I love kids, trust me, that would be no fun for anyone. I like to keep a very relaxed atmosphere and little ones just want to play and have fun. I usually suggest for Mom & Dad come in two cars for this reason.

It’s time to relax:

Newborn sessions are relaxed to keep baby calm, happy and safe.  Your baby sets the pace with plenty of time for quieting, soothing, diaper changes, feeding & cuddling. I really enjoy the time snuggling with your baby and rocking them to sleep. As a mom I know how hard it is to not be right next to your new baby especially if they are crying. Rest assured I will take the best care of your little one while they’re in my arms. Xo


Please remember the baby is the boss and session times will vary depending on babies mood that day. Bring a pacifier to help soothe baby if needed.


Due to the nature of my business, if anyone in your family is sick a reschedule is required. If you come to the session with a sick family member, I have the right to reschedule your session at a later date.

Printing Your images:

You can order images and products through your gallery. If you choose to have them printed elsewhere, I have listed some professional photo labs below. I do not recommend printing your images at Walmart, Walgreens or Sam’s. The colors will look totally different as they are not a professional photo lab. If you print larger than a 15X11 please contact me so I can resize to the appropriate dimensions for printing.

Canvas Orders

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 901-832-3090